User Reviews The Legend of Tarzan

Tarzan, now John Clayton III, Lord Greystoke, lived and thrives in his tropical environs until he was rescued and returned to England. Having difficulty readjusting to British society, he finds a comrade in the beautiful Jane Porter (a beguiling Margot Robbie). Upon his return to his childhood home in the Congo, Greystoke (a.k.a. Tarzan) discovers man’s cruelty in the form of Belgian huntsman, Leon Rom (a typecast Christoph Waltz, playing, what else, but the villain). Whereupon Tarzan must takes sides to protect his adopted tribe of primates and protect his homeland.

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Mr. Skarsgård plays Tarzan as an eloquent victim, more at home with his hairy friends than his human species. No “Me Tarzan, you Jane” monosyllabic banter here, and no loincloth either. This Tarzan mixes the physicality and brutishness of Stanley Kowalski with the sophistication and aplomb of a true noble gentleman, no small feat. If only the film matched his interpretation also.
The Legend of Tarzan is all too proper and seriously-minded which cuts down on the fun and adventure. David Yates directs his film solidly, keeping the action moving. Yet the production design by Stuart Craig seems too well-crafted for its own good, nothing out of place. It lacks authenticity in its detailing. This man-made jungle is just too pristine, so clean and sanitized just like its story. (When the vines look suspiciously like greenish rubber tubes and the cragged rocks like painted styrofoam, something is a bit off.) The special effects aren’t that special either. Except for the primates, most of the animal kingdom is obviously the results of CGI, effective but slightly unreal and unsatisfying.

The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water


The hottest movie list Makeup “SpongeBob SquarePants Adventures: sponge water” is animated by a Paramount Pictures release, directed by Paul Di Bite, Tom Kenny, Mr. Lawrence, Antonio Banderas, Bill Fagebake , Clancy Brown, Roger Bupa Si, Carolyn Lawrence jointly dubbing.
The film tells the story of SpongeBob led several of his partner out of the sea, big beat pirates, save the story of the world.
Videos on February 6, 2015 release in the United States.

Crab Fort mystery surrounding the formulation, swelling of the liver and crab boss boss launched a new round of war, although SpongeBob successfully thwart fierce offensive ruffian boss, but still in each other’s tricks, the key moment, the recipe disappeared out of thin air, a direct consequence of it nobody is leading to longer make Fort Crab, Crab Fort for everyday residents rely heavily on Fort Beach, the news is tantamount to bolt from the blue, a quiet town gone, undersea world into chaos like the last days and turmoil. Since rescued ruffian boss, SpongeBob is everyone treated as a traitor, in times of crisis, SpongeBob, Patrick, ruffian boss, Krabs, squirrel Sandy, Squidward be through time and space, and along came the smell of Crab Fort crowded beach. , Where they met the secret use trickery to steal pirate beard, then a Crab Fort battle began.

The hottest movie list: Tonari no Totoro

The hottest movie list

The hottest movie list “My Neighbor Totoro” is Studio Ghibli and Tokuma launched in 1988 an animated film by Hayao Miyazaki directed. Film is a description of the height of Japan’s economic development before the existence of the natural beauty, the only child to see the magical world and rich imagination. Satsuki film about the hero after his mother is ill in hospital, with her father and year-old sister Ada to live countryside. They feel for where the environment is very strange, also we found some interesting things.
Because the mother is sick in the countryside retreats, during the summer, followed by sisters Satsuki and Mei father to the countryside to visit my mother. One day Xiaomei play alone in the yard looking for acorns when the accident saw the small Totoro. Small Totoro want to get rid Xiaomei Xiaomei yet lead to the big Totoro sleeping around, which makes sisters Satsuki and Mei excited. One day of rain in the evening, Satsuki and sisters, and my father came home from work at the next station, the big Totoro appeared, Satsuki lend it an umbrella, but was it as a very interesting toy. Chinchilla gave the oak fruit Satsuki and Mei, which made Satsuki Mei is very happy. Satsuki They also saw their Totoro cat bus ride.
Summer fast past, Satsuki and Mei received a telegram from the hospital, my mother was not feeling well, the sisters are very worried about her mother’s situation. Xiaomei complain regardless of their sister, Xiaomei sister blame ignorance, Xiaomei crying shouting sister is a fool run farther. Satsuki hurriedly looking Xiaomei.
The night sky, Satsuki thought to help chinchillas, chinchillas help Satsuki summoned cat bus, and finally found the lost Xiaomei. After that, the cat bus with the sisters and mother came to the window of the ward. Far to see the mother of all peace, the sisters do not know how happy. Xiaomei hurriedly picked corn lost when her mother gave hope her a speedy recovery.

The hottest movie list: The Martian

The hottest movie list

The hottest movie list: “The Martian” is produced by the Twentieth Century Fox film company, directed by Ridley Scott, Matt Damon, Jessica Chastain, Sebastian Stan, Acre Sale · Hengnie co-starred in the sci-fi film.
Andy Weir’s film based on the novel of the same name, tells the story of a sandstorm due, Mark and his team lost contact, alone facing exposure to Mars spacecraft destruction, trying to return to Earth story.
Mankind to achieve the first landing on Mars, American astronaut Mark Watney, he suffered a massive storm with five other astronauts, outer space trip ended early only because he had been mistaken and was left unable to survive on Mars , Robinson became a space. Watney found himself awake after their homes away from Earth, a month’s supply of food enough. Fortunately, his nature optimistic humor, and is a botanical expert, he decided to rely on its own strength to survive until the arrival of the next mission to Mars, although this and other necessary four years. Watney carefully calculated how to maximize the use of his time on the arid planet Fengyun, began to use homemade fertilizer planting potatoes, all the material was at hand the best use. And on Earth, the public mourning after the tragic death of Mark, a sharp-eyed NASA technician noticed signs of Martian surface movement during monitoring, suspect Mark still alive. The two sides re-contact, thereby activating the rescue mission to Mars.

The hottest movie list Captain America: Civil War

The hottest movie list “Captain America 3: Civil War” by the American Film Company produced Viagra Man sci-fi action film, co-directed by Anthony Russo, Joe Russo brothers, Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johnson, starring Sebastian Stan.
After a series of political problems the film tells the story of Alltronic event is raised, the government started the “super hero Registration Act” (movie called “Saco WIA Agreement”) lead to internal conflicts between the Avengers story.


After the Olympic record for the world caused a huge impact, Avengers or the protection of human solidarity. But behind some political wrangling, the government believes it is necessary to allow these supernatural ability to control what superheroes and their action. Thus, a control measures introduced. This measure is in accordance with the requirements of complex government requirements linked to action. Carry out the task, the process and the end, to be led by the government. The control measures caused great controversy in the re-linking. Opinion the most extreme polarization irreconcilable, is the problem between Iron Man and Captain America, so the contradiction between the two allies broke out on this. Undone linked “civil war” is inevitable outbreak.

The hottest movie list Avengers: Age of Ultron


The hottest movie list Avengers: Age of Ultron


The hottest movie list (Avengers: Age of Ultron) is a diffuse Granville Pictures produced a science fiction adventure film, taken from the Marvel Comics, is the Marvel Cinematic Universe Part XI movie. By the Jose Verden directed, Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett Johansson and Jeremy Renner starring, scheduled for May 1, 2015 North American release.
Iron Man tells the story of when you try to start dormant peace-keeping plan, things go wrong. Thus, when the Earth is facing a critical moment of life and death, a powerful super heroes to come forward to take on the task of saving the world, they will prevent the terrible artificial intelligence robot “Olympic record” to develop terrorist plans.

Veteran super heroes had burnout, we have removed the steel armor of Tony Stark and therefore invented the “Olympic record” – self-conscious, learning ability of artificial intelligence robot and command robot Austrian Army’s task to create. Make super heroes unexpected is evolving Alltronic come to a “Human beings are the biggest threat on the planet,” this conclusion, and then began cleaning human destruction program. It has a strong ability to transform people fast silver and scarlet witch siblings also became Olympic record helper, four trouble. The Avengers must set once again to solve this crisis by their hand-made.

The Maze Runner

(The Maze Runner) is a 20th Century Fox film company produced the sci-fi action movie in 2013, directed the film by Wes Ball, Dylan O’Brien, Kaya Scodelario, Thomas Sangster , Will Poulter, Ki Hong Lee et starred.
Film adapted from the same name written by James Da Shina dystopian science fiction trilogy first book, about the boy when Thomas awoke to find himself in a maze of huge boulders composed, he only remembers his name, and he does in this maze and some also do not remember is how the children here every morning maze of gates will be opened, and the evening will close. Every month there will be the arrival of a new boy, but what is surprising is that in Thomas’s later, it was a girl, she has brought a surprising message: Only Thomas can lead us out of the maze, but the premise is Thomas You must first unlock the memories buried in the depths of his dark secrets.
A man named Thomas (Dylan O’Brien ornaments) in the elevator boy woke up, he found himself amnesia, can not remember anything except the name. When the elevator opened, he came to a strange place, “glade” (The Glade). Around here is surrounded by tall stone walls, a huge wall there is a group of monsters threatening the walls of people’s lives. Walls lived 50 boys, they are trapped in a maze of endless forests were. One day, the elevator as they brought a girl Teresa (Kaya Scodelario decoration), she is to “glade” the first girl. Since then, the maze gradually began to change, everything fell into chaos, Thomas and Teresa decided to work together to embark on the road to crack the maze, find the maze behind the chilling secret.

Big Hero 6


(Big Hero 6) is co-produced by Disney and Man Wei’s first animated film, drawn by the Duncan Rouleau and Steven T. Seagle began serialization in 1998 to Japan as the background of the action sci-fi comics. Joining the film directed by Don Hall and Chris Williams, Ryan Porter, Ed Scott Hitt, T · J · Miller starring voice, in November 7, 2014 in 3D released in North America. [1-2] domestic release version on February 28, 2015 release in the Mainland.
“Super Marines”, focuses on large white inflatable robot boy genius small macros and small partners together to form super rookie teams, the fight against criminal conspiracy story.
February 23, 2015, the film won the 87th Oscar for “Best Animated Feature Film” award.

In a fusion of Eastern and Western cultures (San Francisco + Tokyo) fictional metropolis old Jingshan (San Fransokyo), and a proficiency in robot technology prodigy Aron found this glut of high-tech city is experiencing a crime crisis, in order to expose the conspiracy to save their homes, he will bring partner robot white, with a group of students pull hard Minato rookie team composed of “Super Marines” alliance to jointly combat the fight against evil.

Fast & Furious


ints out two elements kind of movie: A variety of brand-name sports boom in highway passion, as well as experience with more than 200KM / H speed limit. “Fast and Furious” series of films from the first 2001 birth date, trained a large number accompany you play the protagonist desperate rush decade-long frenzy of fans. April 12, 2015 release of “Furious 7” Mainland box office total of 2.424 billion, $ 1.521 billion global box office film history fourth. Mainland box office in the first place, is the Chinese mainland’s first onrush 2 billion at the box office of the film club.

Beijing April 23, 2015, Universal Pictures announced the “Fast and Furious 8” has been determined to be photographed, will file April 14, 2017 release.

(Fast & Furious) is leading Europe to racing-themed film series. Its title aptly points out two elements kind of movie: A variety of brand-name sports boom in highway passion, as well as experience with more than 200KM / H speed limit.

Le Petit Prince


“The Little Prince” is the French writer Antoine de St. Exupery wrote in 1942 a famous children’s literature short stories. The book’s hero is a little prince from another planet. The book with a pilot as narrator, tells the Little Prince departure to Earth in the process, have experienced a variety of adventures from their own planet. The author of The Little Prince childlike vision perspective of adult emptiness, blind, foolish and rigid dogma, written in plain language innocent human loneliness, there is no foundation wind wandering fate. Meanwhile, the author also expressed criticism of the relationship between money, unyielding Acura.

Narrator is a pilot, he began to tell the reader in the story, he could not find a person to talk in an adult world of speculation, because the adults are too practical a talk. Then, the pilot told him six years ago due to the fault plane made an emergency landing in the Sahara desert meets the little prince story. Mysterious little prince from another planet. The pilot told the little prince and his rose story. Why the little prince to leave their planet; before arriving in the Earth, which he has visited the planet. He relayed the little prince of the planet’s six adventures, he met the king, vain man, drunkard, a businessman, the lamplighter, geographers, snakes, three petal desert flower, the rose garden, switchman, traders, fox and our narrator pilot himself. The pilot and the little prince in the desert over a period of co-owned precious friendship. When the little prince to leave the Earth, the pilot is very sad. He has been sorely missed their time spent. He wrote to commemorate the novel The Little Prince.